Read Write Inc. programmes - Literacy and Language

Eleven year-old children who read, write and speak to a very high standard love school, love learning and are likely to achieve extremely well at secondary school.

Literacy and Language gives teachers the tools to make this happen for every child.

It is a complete literacy programme rooted in the new national curriculum for children in Years 2 – 6 who can decode fluently. It develops children’s comprehension, vocabulary, writing, critical thinking and discussion skills and provides teachers with explicit guidance in how to teach grammar – in a fun and meaningful way.

Children learn what it is to be a real reader and to truly engage in the world of books.

They will have the opportunity to:

Teachers report that the impact of Literacy and Language on writing is huge:

Literacy and Language children write confidently and enthusiastically because they have something to say. And they love reading at home – the biggest indicator of success.

Training options

Read Write Inc. programmes provide

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