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Fresh Start

Ruth Miskin Training

Pupils have found the programme fun, stimulating and rewarding. It has given them a level of confidence they have never previously achieved. In the first six months the average reading age of the Year 7 pupils improved by 14 months, and spelling by 11.5 months. I hope that their dramatic success will encourage others. Julia Hepburn, Matthew Humberstone CE School

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start has been developed specifically for struggling readers aged 9 to 13.

Fresh Start is a full teaching programme proven to help older readers gain:

  • a high reading age (NC level 4) quickly
  • access to all areas of the curriculum
  • a love of reading.

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start

Strong, clear support is given in the training, teachers’ handbooks and resources.

  • Simple mnemonics make the alphabetic code easy to learn
  • Pure, exaggerated sounds enable speedy blending and segmenting
  • Age-appropriate phonic texts give children confidence to read
  • Discussion and re-reading ensure they gain comprehension and fluency
  • Oral rehearsal helps children articulate their ideas in order to write
  • Partner practice embeds all learning.

Eight-weekly assessments ensure that every child starts and continues at the right level to make speedy progress.

Associated initial training options:

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start in-school two-day training
Read Write Inc. Fresh Start central training

Further options for trained schools:

Read Write Inc. Development day
Leadership and Management central training

Read Write Inc. programmes provide

Read Write Inc. Training

We provide inspiring training along with comprehensive professional development in how to use Read Write Inc. programmes effectively.

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Read Write Inc. Resources

Read Write Inc. resources from Oxford University Press provide an inspirational and rigorous approach to the teaching of reading, writing, spelling and comprehension in line with the new National Curriculum.

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